If you were wondering what products I use, here is a list:

The best stamps in the world, made of a very good quality red rubber and are mounted on wood.
Their designs are different, cute and some a bit dark. I {heart} them and use them all the time.

Love their templates, I can't go without. I love to spray through them, to create with no effort a very cool design on your background. I also use them all the time with my Gelli Plate.

LOVE the bright colors of these sprays. You can create many different looks with them and are so fun and easy in use. Hope they will get all the colors Dyan once had.

A new love of mine. Such a fun tool, which I love to use for making cards. Especially the Blueprints, they make it so easy and give you a lot of inspiration.

They have the coolest products and I use a lot of them.
Always use the jet black for my stamps, they are fast drying and water resistant. They always give a clean impression. And you can re-ink them.
Love that they are so versatile, you can use them to stamp, make a background and color your stamps.
Since I have these, I always use them to color my stamps, very easy to use. I always color the darker parts and spread the color with a water marker (don't wait to long with this).
Very cool product and also very versatile. I bring them on holidays, because they are very clean in use and have a great travel size. I use them through stencils and for stamping. They also make some lovely splats.

Easily available here in the Netherlands, with beautiful colors, some of my favorite and well used colors: 
Azo Orange (276), Azo Yellow Deep (270), Carmine (318), Light Rose (361), Quinacridone Rose (366), Reflex Rose (384), Ultramarine Violet (507), Turquoise Blue (522), Sky Blue Light (551), Brilliant Green (605), Turquoise Green (661), Yellowish Green (617).

Bruynzeel Design Sketchbook
I love this paper! It's sketchpaper, but takes all my mediums really well. I always use this paper to make my journal.

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