Sunday, September 2, 2012


Yesterday you got to see one of our new artists, Maria. Hope you enjoyed seeing her artwork!

Today we promised you a fan favorite, and we're hoping we can deliver on that. If you like spooky and strange characters, you will be happy to know Daniel Torrente has some new images coming your way. Now, I know you are jumping up and down screaming right now...but sit down and focus otherwise you might miss the sneak of some of new creations.

Sarinda Jones, one of our design team members is sharing one of her creations using some of Daniel's new images. She uses the following images, Oh...Tree 6152, Mini Ornaments 6153, Stringed Lights 6150 and Christmas 5 Sided 6065:

Hop along with some of the design team today to see some of Daniel's new images and come back and let us know what some of your favorites are. Stick with us until the final reveal on Wednesday and one of you might be rewarded with some goodies.

You'll want to start off your hop over at Nellie's blog.

Nellie van Leeuwen

Polly Bennett

France Papillon

Carol Fox

Magda Polakow

Vicki Garrett

Thanks for stopping by to visit us today and you'll want to stop back by tomorrow for the 3rd artist we'll be featuring. This artist has some fun little monsters to share with you.


  1. Wowwwww geweldig zeg,en die boom is weer een must have :0)) !

    1. Deze kaart is gemaakt door Sarinda ;-D Ik laat morgen en woensdag mijn dingetjes zien :-D Maar het is inderdaad een hele gave stempel, echt één voor de collectie.

  2. Ik ben stik nieuwschierig naar de nieuwe stempels. natuurlijk beide dagen aan de bloghop mee gedaan en mijn verlanglijst is alweer een stuk groter geworden! Ik wil ze nl allemaal (lol).


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