Sunday, July 24, 2011

Art Journal Pages and Junk Journal

Here some pages i want to share. I'm a bit in a blue phase, cause my little boy is not feeling so well. His teeth are really bothering him. And if my little boy isn't happy, mommy isn't happy. Images i used are from Tumble Fish Studio and Octopode Factory. Also the finished cover of my previous journal.

And at last some photo's of the junk journal i recently put together with pieces of scrap paper i had lying around for ages. But also paper from a Dutch magazine Flow, envelopes, a paper bag, postcards, pages from a chipboard album, music sheets. You can put in everything you don't use, but don't want to throw away. The cover is made from fabric we used for my baby boy's room. I'm going to put photo's, old embellishments and daily ephemera in it.

Ik verveel me = I'm bored

Tanden drama = Tooth drama

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  1. Oh, jouw junk journal is ook erg leuk geworden! En ik heb nog een hele stapel Flows liggen...goeie tip! Die ga ik eens even doorspitten!


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