Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New pages

First page was inspired by the very talented Kate Crane, she used this topic in a art journal class. It's about the hats we wear in life, I made it a bit smaller, the hats I wear at home. So the first one is mother, the second one is wife and the third one is being the housekeeper ;-)

Moeder / vrouw / poets
Mother / wife / housekeeper
Het gras is altijd groener
The grass is always greener
As you can see, I really found my style. I enjoy making my pages this way, but do you find it boring to see it over and over again?


  1. Het belangrijkste is ten eerste dat het jouw pagina's zijn en dat jij er lol aan beleeft om ze te maken, ongeacht wat wij bloglezers ervan vinden. Ten tweede, ik vind ze nog steeds leuk!

  2. Your pages are great and they are each unique in there own way. Good luck with The Art from the heart blog hop and have a wonderful day. Angela


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