Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project Life

I'm starting Project Life. The first time I heard about it was on Julie Balzer's blog. I Googled it some more. But I sooo love what Julie is doing with this project. Click here for her fantastic blog and look how she does Project Life. She is making it her own.
How I want to do it? I'm using A4 sheet from Ultra Pro and going to try to use only one sheet per week, so only one photo a day. That's very little I already discovered. I also bought a lot of Ali Edwards stamps for this project. I still hate my handwriting and love hers... so. Most of my photo's are made with my phone. Not really great, but I think that's not the point. They are snapshots of my daily life. I really love to use my templates and Julie has some great ones for Project Life, like Life Strips, Life Shapes and Life Numbers.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ziet er nu al supergaaf uit! ik vind het erg moedig van je om aan zo'n project te beginnen. Had al moeite met mijn project 52 vorig jaar. Maar niet geschoten is altijd mis, niet waar? Succes. volhouden hoor!!!

  2. So excited for you- I love Julie B. and her blog- I have been wanting to do this..maybe I will get it together- Awesome :)

  3. It's just really fantastic. I love the way you build it and harmony between all the images of both pages. I've already seen some similar daily images, bur really I love yours more and will keep it in mind !!! Fab day, and good continuation for your Project life, it's an hard work... :) x

  4. Dat ziet er geweldig uit zeg!! Heel erg leuk.
    Groetjes Sandra.

  5. I love Project Life, I need to post more of mine, my 3rd year doing it. Love how you can make it any way you want and your pages look great!


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