Friday, July 4, 2014


I had this awesome stamps set from Dina Wakley lying around for a while, and finally sat down to play with them. I used an ordinary matchbox (this time a bigger one) and made a wrapper for it. The matchbox is much more pink in real life, somehow it doesn't show very well on the picture. I also made a little journal that fits inside the matchbox. Really fun little project.

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  1. Awesome what you have made with matchboxes Astrid, love it!!
    Wishing you a very lovely weekend :) xxx

  2. I bought this same stamp set a few weeks ago, Astrid, and was able to play with it at a class I took with Renee Zarate last Sunday. I also used the Dina Wakley paints (which I love). It was fun. While you are working on your drawing skills, I still rely totally on others' talents! I have just such a match box in my kitchen drawer, but don't seem to use up the matches. You have inspired me to find another container for the matches and to make my own matchbox art with my DW stamps! Great job!

  3. Geweldig Astrid en de kleuren zijn zoooo super!


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