Friday, November 7, 2014

Documented Life Project

I can't believe this, the year is nearly over, and I'm still doing DLP :-) Next year there will be another DLP, but I decided to go do it differently. I'm going to combine this format from DLP with Life Book. So I will work in the same journal as this year (Midori), but the tip-ins are going to be a Life Book lesson instead of a DLP prompt (week 42 was also a Life Book lesson). Inside the tip-in are photos and ephemera of my week. I really fell in love to document my life like this and also my son really enjoys going through the journal :-)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love these two pages Astrid, they are so adorable and in gorgeous colours!!! And I've just shown on my blog your envelope, hope you will be happy with my share of your lovely make as I forget to ask you first sorry. Enjoy your week-end, hugs! Coco xx

  2. Gorgeous pages Astrid and what a great idea to combine the 2! I am joining you in Life Book next year. It was partly seeing what you have been making that made me do it, so thank you xxx

  3. Great, strong colors here, Astrid! I am so glad that you continued all year and never missed a beat! Big plans for next year already! Go you!


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